Retirement Planning & 401(k)

401(k) programs have received a lot of scrutiny since the market collapse of 2008.  Many employees and employers alike suddenly discovered a myriad of considerations which brought into question the value of such programs.  While there is much credance to thinking such as this, there are also many ways to address these concerns in financially agreeable ways.  Not sure if your 401(k) program gives the best value to your employees?  Are you certain it is compliant to the latest state and federal regulations?  Contact us today.  We have been assisting our clients with 401(k) programs for decades and we’d love to help you too.

The 401(k) landscape is constantly changing.

Most significantly are the regulatory changes affecting all plans.  As a plan fiduciary, the responsibility of managing a 401(k) retirement plan can be overwhelming from a compliance perspective as well as in the day to day management of the administrative requirements.  Determining which vendors or which model makes most sense for your plan requires expertise and specialization.

At the same time, the need for education is a time consuming process. Recognizing you are providing your employees with a 401(k) so they can save for a secure retirement, plan education is critical.  Now more than ever employees are looking for help in understanding their 401(k) investment choices.

We offer a complete range of services custom for each client, helping our clients manage the complexity of their 401(k) plan.  As a firm with years of experience in consulting with retirement plans, our proactive approach addresses the evolving issues in the management of a 401(k) plan.