Building a 21st Century High Performance H.R. Strategy

What Employers can do to modernize their H.R. Programs

The key ingredient to any successful HR strategy is employee engagement. Driving employee engagement requires a company to understand their employees and what is important to them. Informed employees tend to make better healthcare decisions – which can increase employee retention and save you money!

At a recent seminar presentation, we introduced an overview for building a high-performance HR strategy. Here are some key takeaways from that session:

1)      Building a health plan with purpose

2)      Embracing a 21st Century Benefit Strategy and Technology

3)      The journey in achieving a high performance workforce

Getting to know a multigenerational workforce can be challenging. At twentytwenty, we meet these challenges by leveraging technology and crafting purposeful benefits plans with your workforce in mind.

So, do you know your employees?

We took a survey of Human Resources Professionals at the PIHRA conference to gauge their awareness.  Here’s what they said.

How do you compare?  Where are your opportunities to build a 21st Century High Performing workforce?