Benefits Administration

If in-house benefits administration is structurally challenging or cost prohibitive, twentytwenty offers Outsourced Benefits Administration services.

Fully customized, these services allow clients who choose to participate, the opportunity to free themselves from the tedium of daily benefits administration and get back to focusing on what they were hired to do.

outsourced Services include:

  • Full enrollment processing utilizing either an electronic enrollment system or paper forms

For paper enrollment

All newly eligible enrollment forms come through twentytwenty

Employee enrollment form questions resolved by twentytwenty

Processing of enrollment forms

  • Ongoing processes:

Eligibility and Enrollment

Coverage changes

Qualifying event verification and processing

Termination of coverage

  • SPD / EOC / ID Card distribution
  • Monthly bill audits
  • Dependent Audits
  • Employee election and Contribution information for payroll
  • “Ready to Pay” monthly bill reconciliation
  • COBRA Administration
  • Document Compliance
  • Reporting

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