Our decades of success have been driven by 3 critical areas of focus in the management of our client-partners’ benefit programs:


Financial Analysis

twentytwenty’s key service objective is to provide you with clear and comprehensive choices which allow you to decide how best to maximize your benefits dollar.  This is accomplished through proactive management and innovative strategies in plan design.

We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your organization’s goals and philosophy relating to employee benefits followed by a thorough, in-depth analysis of historical data to define clearly where you are and how you arrived there.  We then explore how your current program compares with the overall industry-specific marketplace.

Following decisions, we then develop a strategy focused on achieving set goals while meeting the financial requirements determined by our client.  The strategy will include most current information regarding Health Care Reform ensuring future considerations take into account pending health care changes.

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What do we mean by ‘Financial Analysis’? Here’s a quick list of the standard financial analysis services we provide to all of our clients at no additional charge:

  • Executive Strategy Development and Goal Identification
  • Custom RFP prepared each year based on corporations strategic goals
  • Full Annual 401(k) Plan Review
  • Extensive Review of Benefit Programs
  • Renewal Timelines including:
    • Custom Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation
    • Carrier Interviews, (if desired)
    • Timing of the Benefit Details Presentation
    • Renewal Analysis
    • Timing of Key Decisions
    • Development and Delivery of Employee Communications
    • Employee Education
    • Open Enrollment
  • Aggressive Carrier Negotiations
  • Extensive market leveraging to maximize rate negotiation
  • Renewal Analysis Report
  • Financial Forecasting
  • 401(k) Fund Review and Lineup
  • Financial modeling and cost sharing development
  • Market Research for Value Added Benefits i.e. new and alternative plans to consider
  • Benchmarking, Trend data, and Fee Analysis
  • Voluntary Benefit analysis
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Legislative and Market updates

Employee Education & Communication

It is our responsibility to remain informed of all creative and innovative ideas emerging in the marketplace .twentytwenty will review all existing employee education strategies and communication materials.We will take responsibility for the creation of “branded” employee communication.Part of our approach includes identifying how to engage your multi-generational,multi-cultural workforce.

Developing a “brand” for your benefits program is very important.The “brand” will incorporate the company image you would like to present to your employees. We will develop a calendar for communication topics which will include material for open enrollment, new employees,communications announcing new programs or initiatives, re-marketing in-place plan features, special events, wellness programs and many others. All materials are customized to meet your specific needs and the issues most important to your employees.

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We believe in the importance of knowledgeable and informed employees. It helps both their pocket book and yours. We love to do custom communications for our clients; and we do so free of charge.

  • Communication Strategy Development with custom brand identity
  • Creative development and printing of all employee communications
  • Education strategy for employees
  • Custom Employee Benefit Summary showing the complete, extensive package of benefits offered
  • Recruitment Brochures
  • Branded Employee Newsletters
  • Total Compensation Statements / Hidden Paycheck
  • Open Enrollment assistance to employees
  • Employee Events and Activities
    • Lunch and Learn classes
    • Health Fairs
    • Benefit Fairs
    • Employee Forums
    • Open Enrollment
  • Comprehensive Wellness Programs:
    • Fitness programs
    • Health and Wellness Fairs
    • Onsite Health and Wellness classes
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • Healthy Snack days
    • Health and Wellness calendar
    • Educational materials/Program Promotion
      • Wellness screenings
      • Health Risk Assessment Tools
      • Incentive Program Development
      • Group Challenges
  • Internet employee tools and education
  • Provide non-traditional benefit information
    • i.e. where to find $4 Rx co-pays
    • 401(k) Focused Education
    • Tools to Assist Employees with investment decisions

Reduction of Benefits ‘Administrivia’

twentytwenty will work with you to implement strategies that streamline the administration processes of benefit management.Plan administration is not a core competency that most employers have. Nor do they necessarily want it. We understand that our clients want access to the most efficient way of enrolling employees, reporting eligibility to carriers, managing employee life event changes and ensuring that carriers are paid the correct amount. Timeliness and accuracy are critical to ensuring that claims are paid correctly and only for participants who are truly eligible for the plan.As an extension of your Human Resources Department we provide the additional resources you need to effectively manage, monitor and communicate your employee benefit program.

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Saying we make our client’s lives easier is not just a sales tactic. It is the founding principal of our organization. Being the gold standard of service is a key factor in allowing us to compete with our competitors. All of our clients receive, at no additional charge, the following services:

  • Easy to use reference materials
  • Benefit Plan Binder
  • HIPAA Training
  • Compliance standards
  • 5500 Filings
  • Annual Medicare filings
  • ERISA attorney services
  • Administration streamlining
  • COBRA and Section 125 Resources
  • SPD and EOC Review
  • Life Claims and Waiver of Premium filing
  • Day to day issue resolution
  • Claims Resolution
  • Domestic Partner verification
  • Employee Call Center/Email hotline
  • Fulfillment Services—Provide New Hire Packets
  • Turn key open enrollment
  • Vendor Coordination/Material Review
  • Prepare Open Enrollment Packets
  • Scrub and submit open enrollment materials to carriers
  • Billing Audits
  • Custom COBRA, HIPAA and MediCare required notices