Employee Call Center

Ensuring that your employees have immediate access to trained experts at the drop of a hat is critical in avoiding and resolving issues.

Whether it is at open enrollment or throughout the year, the twentytwenty employee call center gives you the peace of mind that your employees’ questions are being answered accurately, directly, and discriminitely; all while having your benefits philosophy message reinforced. 

Our call center experts are fluent in both English and Spanish and are some of the most highly trained and thorough individuals in the industry.  Whether it is as simple as a coverage question, or as challenging as a problem referral, claim, or provider issue, our call center staff is trained to go one step beyond just answering questions.  They take ownership of the issue at hand and guide your employees through it.

Need to elevate your concern? Don’t forget, our senior management team is always available to speak with any employee at any time.  Just ask to speak with them!

Interested in finding out how our employee call center solutions can benefit your organization?  Talk to us today.