Employee Communication

Communicating with your employees about insurance does not have to be boring.

We go go to great lengths to be sure that when we are helping you share your benefits philosophy with your employees, we are doing so in a way that is mentally engaging and visually stimulating. 

Study after study suggests that individuals who understand the coverage they participate in are more likely to use it in a responsible manner.  We understand that it is more than just communicating.  It really is educating.  Are you simply providing tables of benefits and contributions? Or are you going to lengths to ensure that employees really know what they are buying and thinking about how it fits their lifestyle?  Are you taking steps in your communications, whether they be benefit summaries or newsletters, to ensure that the nuances of the coverage are really communicated?

Developing a “brand” for your benefits program is very important.  It incorporates the company image our clients would like to present to their employees.  We develop calendars for communication topics which will include:

  • Material for open enrollment
  • New Employee Benefit Communication
  • Employee newsletters
  • Ad-hoc communications announcing new programs or initiatives
  • Re-marketing in-place plan features
  • Special events
  • Recruitment Brochures
  • Total Compensation/Hidden Paycheck Statements
  • Wellness programs
  • and many others

All communication materials can be provided in both English and Spanish!

All materials are customized to meet each client’s specific needs while addressing the issues most important to their employees.

And Don’t Forget! 

Communicating with your employees is about more than providing information in a creative way.  There are also many important things which must be provided. Benefit summary communications, especially during open enrollment, should all contain certain legally required compliance information.  If yours does not, it could create issues in the future.