Our clients enjoy more than sound management of their employee benefit programs.

We know that providing added value to every single client is critical.  We also know that the considerations of every single employer are going to be different.  Success for your organization lies not only in the sound financial management of your employee benefit program, but also in the day to day delivery of services supported by experience, expertise, and vision.

The employer services we provide are custom for each client and are strategically developed to relieve any bottlenecks in their HR processes.  Need a custom solution that saves you time and money instead of the opposite?  Just ask.  Our independent ownership allows us to create any service delivery model your most persistent problems require, often times at no added cost to you.

We can’t list every employer service we provide quite simply because they reach as far as your needs. However, in the interest of giving you something to consider, we’ve put together the employer services section to assist you in finding some answers.

Benefits Administration

For those clients who are in a position where administering their benefits internally is cost prohibitive or structurally challenging, twentytwenty Insurance Services offers Outsourced Benefits Administration services.  Fully customized, these services allow clients who choose to participate, the opportunity to free themselves from the tedium of daily benefits administration and get back to focusing on what they were hired to do.

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Wellness is no longer an interesting topic to be discussed theoretically.  It is now a dramatically essential component of a modern employee benefits program.  The only true way to combat the continuing increased cost of providing healthcare to your employees is to motivate them to become healthier and more aware of wellness which, in the end, will result in their consuming less healthcare related dollars.  Both from an aggregate and a specific perspective, the effects of creating a healthier population can not be understated.

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HR Services

The discipline of administrating an HR department is changing as quickly as our economy.  Many employers have had to realign their priorities leaving Human Resource departments taking on more responsibilities – often times with less staff.  Our HR Services module consists of addressing employer needs for those tasks we refer to as administrivia.  Items which were once a regular process are more and more being shelved in favor of strategic re-alignment or time saving measures.  We take those process up for you allowing you to fulfill your organizational goals without sacrificing your day to day responsibilities.

Renewal & Open Enrollment

Managing the Renewal & Open Enrollment Process is absolutely the area in which a good broker can differentiate themselves.  With extensive experience handling renewals and open enrollments as a carrier and as a broker/consultant, the twentytwenty team is poised to attend to every detail, ensuring a problem-free process for its clients every time.

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Employee Communication

Communicating with your employees about insurance does nothave to be boring.  We go go to great lengths to be sure that when we are helping you share your benefits philosophy with your employees, we are doing so in a way that is mentally engaging and visually stimulating.

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Employee Call Center

Ensuring that your employees have immediate access to trained experts at the drop of a hat is critical in avoiding and resolving issues.  Our call center experts are fluent in both English and Spanish and are some of the most highly trained and thorough individuals in the industry.

Electronic enrollment systems, for some organizations, are indispensible and incredibly valuable – but they need to be managed.  twentytwenty Insurance Services has been utilizing electronic enrollment systems for over a decade.

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Legislative Compliance

Compliance has always been a challenge for employers to keep up with.  With the advent of healthcare reform, it has become even more consuming and critical.  twentytwenty goes to great lengths to ensure you remain compliant with both the information you house and the documentation you provide to your employees.

Value Added Services

Clients of twentytwenty Insurance Services receive the following services:

  • SPD and EOC Review
  • 5500 Filings
  • Annual Medicare Filings
  • Billing Audits
  • Legal Required Notice Distribution
  • ERISA Attorney Services
  • HIPAA Training
  • Recruitment Brochures
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Open Enrollment Fulfillment Services
  • COBRA Administration
  • FSA Administration
  • Employee Call Center
  • Newsletters
  • Custom Branded Employee Benefit Summary
  • Benefit Plan Binder