Our history is a part of our nature.

The twentytwenty story begins a generation ago in Poland when the parents of Sima Reid decided to move to the United States.  They settled in New Jersey to raise their three daughters on an egg deliveryman’s wages.  As you can imagine, while growing up, Sima became very determined to honor their sacrifice and build a career both they and she could be proud of.

Sima first became engrossed in the insurance industry in high school.  Coming from an immigrant family, Sima had to find work at a young age in order to save for college.  She was fortunate enough at the age of 12 to find work in an insurance agency.  At that point she was hooked on the business as she discovered her natural affinity for it.

She carried her desire to become an insurance professional throughout high school and college.  After graduating, she went on to develop a distinguished career.  For nearly twenty years, Sima worked at some of the largest name-brand brokerage/consulting firms in the country.

But all along the way, she always felt the services they provided either fell short or were drastically impeded by big business satisfying Wall Street.  It was this slow but ever developing perspective that brokers can be more to their clients than insurance sales people that drove her to launch her own company, twentytwenty Insurance Services.  It has been over ten years since that day and the history of what brought her here remains at the heart of what we all do for our clients every day.

I wanted a place where I could use my experience to benefit my clients.
I wanted a diverse staff of creative and industry leading professionals that would help me expand my own vision.
I wanted a company builted on a culture of client dedication and the free flow of ideas.
I wanted everyone to not only have a voice, but a place where they would feel encouraged to use it.
I wanted independence to make the decisions to benefit my clients; not Wall Street.
— Sima Reid, Founder, twentywtenty Insurance Services