Clarity, Vision, & Focus.  An organization: Defined.

We know we can help you achieve your vision because we used the same principles to achieve ours.

Many organizations, both inside and out of our discipline, speak to their philosophy or mission statement.  We are more of the belief of nature over nurture.  While philosophies and mission statements have done great things for many great companies and people alike, we believe they are something you work toward.

We were born of a spirit of independence to achieve the realization of providing clarity, vision, and focus to our clients.  It has been within us since the start and continues to this day to be the central core of everything we do.  It is not something we are working toward, but rather a place at which we have already arrived.

At twentytwenty Insurance Services, we believe our nature is something we all have intrinsically within us.  It is something that is core to our experience as employee benefits professionals.

  • It is our nature to consider every client issue from the place of clarity our experience has provided us.
  • It is our nature to lead our clients to their stated goals while sharing in their vision.
  • It is our nature to do these things with the focus of a passionately committed partner.