We understand that our clients expect and deserve our expertise in every line of coverage they need to consider.

Whether the consideration falls under the umbrella of traditional employee benefits for large employers, complex fully insured or self insured medical programs, 401(k), voluntary benefits, or Managed Care Stop Loss, our clients all agree on one thing, our knowledge is encyclopedic and our excitement to discover new programs is infectious.

Group Employee Benefits

For employers with over 100 eligible employees, we offer a complete suite of product expertise.  From traditional core programs to complex multi-line offerings, we understand that what is right for one employer is not right for all.  Meeting employer budgetary requirements while also structuring programs for a multi-generational and multi-ethnic employee population has always been a tightrope walk.  Our experience allows you to traverse the gap between dollars and satisfaction secured by the knowledge that your broker consultant is singularly focused on helping you get to the other side.

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Self Insurance

The opposing forces of health care reform, employee health and wellness, and employer financial restrictions have turned self insurance into the biggest buzzword of the day.  For us, there is nothing ‘buzz’ about self insurance.  We have been expert in self insurance for over thirty years and have guided many of our clients through the  process.  For the right employers, we can prove that self insured medical programs do better financially than their fully insured counterparts.  The only thing in the way of this is having a broker who understands the complexities, has the market relationships, and also has the technical knowledge of how to design, implement, and manage such programs.  Want to know more about whether self insurance is right for you?

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Health Concierge ServiceS

We like to be able to control what goes on around us and we like it when that control is convenient.  We are all now accustomed to just swipe to have a car pick us up at our house, turn our house lights off before we head out the door, and then once we get to the restaurant, take a photo of our meal and send it off to 500 of our BFF’s.

So it makes sense that your employees would also want as much control as possible over their company health plan. And that is exactly what an Employee Health Concierge Service accomplished for them, and for you.

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401 (k)

401(k) programs have received a lot of scrutiny since the market collapse of 2008.  Many employees and employers alike suddenly discovered a myriad of considerations which brought into question the value of such programs.  While there is much credance to thinking such as this, there are also many ways to address these concerns in financially agreeable ways.  Not sure if your 401(k) program gives the best value to your employees?  Are you certain it is compliant to the latest state and federal regulations?  Contact us today.  We have been assisting our clients with 401(k) programs for decades and we’d love to help you too.

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Voluntary Benefits

As the cost of healthcare continues to grow, and as workforces become more and more multi-generational and multi-cultural, finding a benefit program that can address the needs of every individual’s lifestyle becomes more and more challenging.

Although they have been around forever, Voluntary Benefits have increasingly become the go-to solution for many employers large and small looking to find a way to offer a comprehensive benefits package at a lower impact to their bottom line.

However, the challenge with voluntary benefits has always been getting strong participation among your employees.  Challenges for multi-location, multi-state employers in rolling out a voluntary benefit program are as varied as their employees.  Some industries don’t have computers or email available to all of their employees.  Others have limited communication opportunities or multiple shifts to consider.

The right approach for you, as you consider offering voluntary benefits, will depend greatly on the dynamic of your internal structure and employee communication channels.  Many vendors offer many different solutions to address these challenges.  Finding the right one for you is where we come in.

We routinely receive updates from all of the leading voluntary benefits carriers on the products they offer and the solutions they provide.  Are you having a difficult time figuring out how to roll out a voluntary benefits program?

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Private Exchanges are marketplaces of employee benefits and other related employee programs.  Employers purchase their health insurance plans through the exchange.  The exchange allows employees to shop for health benefits from a menu ofinsurance plans offering an array of coverage options and prices.  Private Exchanges provide an alternative to the traditionalemployer-sponsored benefit system by allowing employers to move toward a defined contribution approach while giving their employees more choice.  The topic of choice within benefits plans is not a new topic.  Within most employer populations today, meeting the needs of the Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y in one benefit plan can be challenging.  When combined with the greater need for companies to cut costs and run more efficiently, providing a benefit package that is affordable has become more difficult.

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Managed Care Stop Loss

There are many terms used to discuss managed care stop loss. Whether you are a physician group, hospital, ACO, PHO, MSO, or HMO, we have the experience and expertise to structure an insurance or reinsurance program that will protect your bottom line. It is important to work with a broker that understands the nuances of risk transfer in the managed care world. It is critical for the coverage to minimize the spikes and volatility affecting the profitability of a given membership.

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