Our Organization

Founded in 2001, twentytwenty Insurance Services is a 100% independently owned and operated employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm.  We specialize in the implementation and management of complex medical programs, integration of health and wellness plans/incentive structures, 401(k) management, the creation and dissemination of employee education and communications, and are the gold standard for client account management and service. Managing the benefits programs for clients from as far west as Hawaii to the eastern seaboard of New York/New Jersey, twentytwenty maintains a diverse portfolio of client companies including financial service firms, hospital and healthcare organizations, hospitality organizations, and many others.

We deliver services from 3 components within our organization. Each shares our core philosophy of service and experience.

All three components offer clients a robust package of services that are tailored specifically to help them meet their goals.

twentytwenty Insurance Services

twentytwenty is our employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm.

Broker Self Insurance Solutions

BrokerSIS is our sister organization and is a one-stop-shop for employee benefits brokers when they need help managing their client’s self insured medical plan or converting their clients from a fully insured to a self insured plan.  That’s correct.  We’ve been doing self funding for so long other brokers often come to us for help.  All the resources they need in order to implement and manage a self insured program have been packaged and are ready to be delivered to our broker partners.

twentytwenty BOSS

BOSS is our Benefits OutSourcing Service.  It was developed through the independence we enjoy.  Many brokers today offer similar programs, however, many do so because the “market” told them they should.  At twentytwenty, we developed this service at a clients request.  Another great example of the power of our independence.  We provide 100% outsourced benefits administration including an employee call center, electronic benefit enrollment, and tools to help employees in making their benefit decisions.