Health Concierge Services

How does an Employee Health Concierge Service benefit you and your employees?

We like to be able to control what goes on around us and we like it when that control is convenient.  We are all now accustomed to just swiping our phone to have a car pick us up at our house, turn our house lights off before we head out the door, and then once we get to the restaurant, take a photo of our meal and send it off to 500 of our BFF’s.

So it makes sense that your employees would also want as much control as possible over their company health plan. And that is exactly what an Employee Health Concierge Service accomplished for them, and for you.

We expect employees to be better consumers of their health care, but are we giving them the tools and resources to help them navigate our complicated health care system? What if an employee can’t get the referral they need to visit a specialist or the test a doctor recommended hasn’t been approved? Who helps the employee understand what needs to be done? In fact, how many employees truly understand their benefits, what co-insurance means, or how the out of pocket maximum works?

An employee caught in the cogs of the health care machinery is not an employee focused on their job. A health plan concierge service can eliminate much of this stress offering them the tools and resources to:

  1. Find lower cost providers
  2. Find providers who are in their network
  3. Understand how their health plan works
  4. Clearly explain out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, medical bills
  5. Have an expert available to answer any questions they may have about their health plan.

The value to you, as an employer, is that it reduces the need to take away from your HR resources, freeing up more time for your HR department to focus on other matters.

Don’t wait until an employee needs to use their health plan to make the resources available that they need in order to provide the information they want. By utilizing an Employee Health Concierge Service, your employees will become better consumers and more focused on the job at hand. And we all know a healthy employee is a productive employee.

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